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Discharging Wastewater to the Sewer Solutions



The industry, and in particular the food industry, is obliged to ensure that wastewater from the production process can be discharged to the sewer without any adverse effects. Coarse particles and fats can clog the sewer affecting households and other businesses that discharge to the same sewer. Cleaning costs are usually recovered from the party causing the problem.

Minimum measures must be taken to prevent clogged sewers. These measures range from using filter baskets in the production process in combination with an elementary static fat trap to systems that remove between 60% and 80% of the pollutants.

The party that discharges polluted water is usually held accountable for the remaining pollution in the water. Depending on the (structure of the) costs, different systems or units can be supplied, allowing for a cost-effective solution.

Solutions for this are:

  • Static fat trap.
  • Filter systems for the removal of coarse particles.
  • Flotation units for the removal of fat, settleable particles and suspended particles.
  • Flotation units including a dosing system of coagulant and flocculent to remove emulsions, in addition to fats, settleable and suspended particles.

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