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Sullivan Environmental staff dispersion modelers have over 30 years of experience each. This firm performs air dispersion modeling using the following computer models: AERMOD, CALPUFF 5.0, CALPUFF 6.0, CAL3QHC, INPUFF, ISCST3, TOXST, ISCPRIME, and SCREEN3. We utilize several different pre- and post-processing meteorological and source processing programs including PCRAMMET, BPIP, CALMET, CALPOST, SLAB, and others to support the modeling depending on the types of sources, meteorological datasets, and the specific project application(s). Sullivan Environmental has also developed various dispersion models such as TOXST, the Fumigant Emissions Modeling System (FEMS), and RISKMAN. The RISKMAN model was designed to assess emissions from dense gas facilities and accidental release scenarios. This model can be used to refine hazard zones for risk management programs (RMP).

Sullivan Environmental can model a variety of sources for toxic chemical endpoints or EPA priority pollutant endpoints including:

  • Power plants and other industrial plant sources (point sources such as stacks).
  • Traffic and parking garage sources: automobile, truck, and motorcycle emissions (idling area sources) or volume sources (garage vents).
  • Agricultural fields (pesticide area source emissions).
  • Airplane and train emissions (volume or area sources).
  • Quarries (fugitive sources).
  • Other facilities that release airborn pollutants.

Sullivan Environmental also models a broad range of project types, including:

  • Near-field (within 1 mile of source) or regional impact studies.
  • Odor complaint modeling.
  • Emissions Assessment.
  • Toxics Exposure Modeling (FEMS and PERFUM models).

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