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Several things can affect drains and cause damage that needs to be fixed, including cracks and open joints. Root ingress, water infiltration, movement of the ground and traffic can all be to blame.  Previously the only way to fix the issue was to excavate the area, locate the area that is damaged and repair the pipe. This is not the case anymore due to modern advancements that Drainage Consultants can employ. While excavating is still necessary in some cases Drainage Consultants Limited now offers a range of no dig repair techniques to repair structural and non structural defects in drains. This is a major advantage providing a quick, efficient and cost effective solution to the client.

Non Structural Repairs – Patch Lining & Chemical Grouting

Water ingress through displaced and open joints can be very damaging to a drainage system and cause complete failure of the drain by washing away the supporting soil surrounding the drain. Left to continue the drain will ultimately collapse leaving no alternative but to excavate.

At Drainage Consultants we can seal the area of water ingress using chemical grouting or patch lining to ensure we maintain as much support around the drain and reduce the risk of issues in the future. We can also repair small cracks or holes in pipes using the patch liners where required.

Structural Repairs – Lining

When we find a much more extensive level of damage, the pipe can either be replaced using traditional excavation methods or repaired using advanced soft lining techniques where we fill the liner with polyester resin and insert in to the drain. Once in place the liner is inverted using water or air pressure and left to cure. In most cases we will be able to install and cure the drain in one day, however curing time can be extended due to the type of resin used and the ambient temperature at the time of installation.

  • Cost effective repair with minimal disruption
  • Resilient to ground movement
  • Reduces friction factor and so increases potential flow rate
  • Forms a barrier to water ingress and root penetration

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