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  • Drain Investigation

  • CCTV Drain Survey Services

    CCTV Drain Survey Services

    Our CCTV drain survey service will give you the confidence you need in your drainage systems. Our expert team will assess and carry out a full drain investigation to prevent potential issues and ensure that you are minimising your environmental impact. When you begin to experience potential drainage issues, it can sometimes prove to be difficult, time consuming and therefore costly to pinpoint the area using the more traditional methods. Our CCTV...

  • Dye Testing Services

    Dye Testing Services

    At Drainage Consultants, we are experts in taking a diversity of approaches to the major problems that affect drains. Our dedicated employees are trained to cope with a plethora of different circumstances and, whether the difficulty is large or small, we can be trusted to respond swiftly, assess the situation accurately and act decisively. One method that we deploy is dye testing, which allows us to discover precisely what is going wrong in complex...

  • Drain Rehabilitation

  • Drain Lining & Repairs Services

    Drain Lining & Repairs Services

    Several things can affect drains and cause damage that needs to be fixed, including cracks and open joints. Root ingress, water infiltration, movement of the ground and traffic can all be to blame.  Previously the only way to fix the issue was to excavate the area, locate the area that is damaged and repair the pipe. This is not the case anymore due to modern advancements that Drainage Consultants can employ. While excavating is still necessary...

  • Deep Excavations & Repairs Services

    Deep Excavations & Repairs Services

    Dealing with drains is potentially problematic if insufficient care is taken. At Drainage Consultants, we know that safety is paramount and we have the experience to ensure repair work is accomplished properly. Diverse scenarios require somewhat different solutions, but our experts have the know-how to achieve excellent outcomes. By their nature, some cases raise planning matters, while others do not, but we simply adjust the way we work accordingly....

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Fat Removal & Drain Cleansing Services

    Fat Removal & Drain Cleansing Services

    Diverse industries put different amounts of strain upon their drains. Our experience shows that some operations generate much more waste than others. For example, a factory that produces large quantities of meat will potentially have more of an issue with grease than the average retirement home. This means that a stricter drain cleaning regime may be required in the case of the factory. Nevertheless, we believe that the majority of businesses should...

  • Emergency Drain Clearance Services

    Emergency Drain Clearance Services

    The unexpected can cause the greatest disruption and inconvenience. At best a blocked drain is a nuisance but at worst it could cause the shut down of a production line, business premises or pose a very serious health hazard. Whatever the drainage problem, wherever the location and whatever the time you can call Drainage Consultants and speak direct to a qualified engineer who will quickly and effectively resolve your problem with the minimum of...

  • Other Services

  • Surface Cleaning Services

    Surface Cleaning Services

    Amongst its other specialist areas, Drainage Consultants also offers a first class and reliable service carrying out a wide variety of Surface Cleaning at competitive prices. Although our reputation is built on our fantastic range of drainage services, we have rapidly expanded and now cover any aspect of High Pressure Water Jetting due to a much popular demand from our clients.

  • Leak Detection Services

    Leak Detection Services

    Leaks of various types can be really problematic for property owners. At Drainage Consultants, we know that you want any leaks to be sorted out promptly. Fortunately, our team has the know-how to achieve this, and the first step in the process is leak detection. Our trained personnel possess the experience and the expertise to use appropriate tools to detect leaks without any fuss. We recognise that trying to take shortcuts with leaks can prolong the...