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Tundra offers solid/hollow stem augering, odex, coring, Laskey, rotary and oil sands exploration drilling We will work with you to determine the most efficient, cost effective way of utilising a drill unit from our fleet of 21drill units . Two of them heli-portable.

In preparation for construction, information must first be gathered about the underlying soil conditions to determine proper engineering for weight loads and stability. Types of soil, groundwater information and depth to bedrock are just a few aspects of ground chemistry.

Tundra is able to perform in-situ sampling as well as install piezometers that will measure ground movement and settling patterns. We are also able to perform SPT (Standard Penetration Test), split spoon sampling and collect undisturbed samples.

Environmental Drilling
Today, more than ever, we recognize the importance of maintaining and appreciating our environment, not only for us, but for future generations to come. Since our beginning, Tundra has been providing environmental drilling services for our clients throughout Western Canada. Our environmental drilling practices provide clean, accurate samples to determine the existence of any contaminates in soil or groundwater. To meet the needs of our individual client's projects, Tundra Environmental & Geotechnical drilling offers a variety of solid/hollow stem auger, air-mud-water rotary, coring as well as direct push sampling with our 8040 and 7822 Geoprobe .

Rotary Drilling
The rotary drilling technique is normally used for forming a deep observation borehole or for obtaining representative samples of rock. Powered rotary cutting tools use a cutter head on the end of a shaft, which is driven into the ground as it rotates. The system requires lubrication (air, water or drilling mud) to keep the cutting head cool and remove the soil or rock which has been cut. The lubricant lifts the debris from the cutting head up the borehole and ejects the material at ground level.

This a method of collecting actual cores of the bed rock for engineering and geological studies. The core barrel is lowered into the hole and core rods of the same size are attached to reach the starting point in the bed rock. The drill rod acts as a casing for the borehole and provides a controlled environment to efficiently retrieve the rock core from the borehole.

During the entire process, water is being pumped into the drill rods to cool the diamond bit and remove the cuttings from the borehole. This is an efficient method of recovering core samples of rock. Typical uses include foundation investigations, material sources, rock cut investigation and general rock coring when an actual core of the rock is desired.

Heli-Portable Track Unit
With 8,000 lb rotary torque and 45,000 lb pull back force; this unit is able to drill to 15 meters with 4' augers, depending on soil conditions. This unit requires only two lifts, each less than 1135 kg (2500 lbs) and will rig up and down without helicopter assistance. Our heli-portable drill unit comes with a levelling blade. Because of its small size, it is also suitable for drilling in tight spots, inside buildings, etc.

Solid-stem Augers
Solid-stem auger drilling incorporates continuous-flight augers. Augers for monitoring well installations must be of sufficient diameter (approx. 3-5 in. larger in diameter than the monitoring wells) to allow effective placement of well filter and sealing materials. Solid-stem augering has a number of advantages. It produces a moderate amount of easily contained cuttings and no fluid is required in the drilling process. Smaller rigs than those used in hollow-stem auger drilling may be used, simplifying decontamination, site manoeuvring and lowering costs. These rigs drill relatively rapidly, especially in shallow applications.

Hollow-Stem Auger
The centre of the auger is hollow during drilling or formation cutting. The centre holds a rod connected to a plug at the bottom bit. Once the desired drilling depth is reached, the centre plug and rods can be pulled out, leaving the hollow augers in place. The hollow augers hold the borehole open for sediment sampling and well installation.

Direct Image Electrical Conductivity (EC) Probe information gathered with our conductivity system can be used to aid the understanding of the movement and location of contaminants in the subsurface. Varying levels of conductivity are recorded, identifying finer or heavier grained sediments, allowing an overall picture of the changes in density and therefore the potential for movement of contaminants across the site. The information gathered is also able to assist with the proper placement of monitoring or extraction wells.

Water Monitoring Well Installations and Well Decommissioning ? the handling of water monitoring wells is key to avoiding an environmental incident. Used to provide access for scientific and engineering investigation, correct installation and decommissioning practices must be followed to avoid contamination or pollution of the groundwater.

Our project management team will welcome the opportunity to work with you, providing the most efficient equipment for the completion of your projects.

To provide you with a reliable and efficient service Tundra Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling has invested in a large and growing fleet of company owned equipment, with the capability to undertake geotechnical drilling and environmental drilling projects, in even the remotest locations.

Prior to the commencement of any project, our experienced crew will work with you to determine the complexities of the site and any other specific needs and requirements you or your clients may have. By taking the time to qualify and understand each job before hand we can ensure that the correct equipment is specified to successfully complete your project in the most efficient and cost effective way, whether it be by using one of our environmental & geotechnical drilling rigs or accessing those hard to reach places with our heli portable rig ? we will work with you every step of the way.

In addition to our comprehensive range of drill units and auger drilling rigs we can offer you the conveniences of on site laboratories, heated offices, safety and supply trailers.

Deep hole Geotechnical Track Unit

  • equipped with 11' stroke and 46,000 lb pull back force
  • 11,000 lbs of rotary torque augering
  • air, mud, water rotary
  • switch between auger to air rotary in minutes

Geoprobe Track Drill Units

  • 2011, 7822DT and a 2012, 8040DT with 2 Winch lines
  • direct push 4 1/2 and 3 1/2 dual tube sampling system
  • augering: solid stem/ hollow stem
  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Air rotary
  • Coring

Track Units

  • equipped with 11' stroke and 42,000 lb pull back force
  • air rotary
  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • augering

Truck Drill Unit

  • equipped with 11' stroke with 42,000 lb pull back force
  • augering

Heli portable Track Unit

  • 8,000 lb rotary torque and 45,000 lb pull back force
  • 2 lifts at 2500 lbs per lift
  • rig up and down without helicopter
  • 15+ meters with 4' augers
  • levelling blade

Support Units

  • Heated Office/ Safety Trailers
  • fridge and microwave
  • equipped with 4000 watt generator

Heated Office/ Safety Trailer

  • Plenty of work space/ cooler racks
  • Cell phone booster/charger

5 Ton supply trucks

  • hydraulic tailgates

Supply Trailer

  • 16' Tandem

In addition to the above equipment we can offer you the following for your convenience:

  • ATV Bombardier quad
  • UTV Ranger Side by Side
  • ATV enclosed track trailer
  • Air compressor

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