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Leader in indirect fired thermal desorption The DuraTherm Desorption process is the front runner in indirect fired thermal desorption, successfully treating hundreds of thousands of tons of widely varying waste streams to US EPA-defined Universal Treatment Standards (UTS). Our technology has been granted a unique US EPA federal delisting for most refinery waste codes that insures that the final residues are nonhazardous. The DuraTherm Desorption technology is protected by more than a dozen patents containing hundreds of specific technology claims. DuraTherm’s depth of experience and equipment inventory are what make the difference.

As the leader in both fixed-base and mobile thermal desorption services, DuraTherm has

  • Processed more widely varying hazardous refinery waste in the US than any of its competitors
  • Provided technology to the largest oil-based drill cuttings recovery project in Asia
  • Processed hundreds of thousands of tons of oil-based drill cuttings worldwide
  • Amassed the industry’s largest laboratory database characterizing petroleum waste and the process results from indirect fired thermal desorption

  • Oil-contaminated drill cuttings
  • Refinery wastes
  • Petrochemical wastes
  • Hydrocarbon-contaminated soils
  • Debris-containing hydrocarbon plastics, rubbers, and synthetics
  • Cracking plastics, resins, and other synthetics to produce liquid gas fuels
  • Mercury-contaminated waste

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