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  • DuraTherm - Hydrocarbon Recovery

    DuraTherm - Hydrocarbon Recovery

    DuraTherm was founded by experts in the fields of oil recovery, refining, and waste management with the intention of providing recovery and reuse solutions to hydrocarbon-related industries. The company has become the leader in the recycling technologies and services required to support your needs. Our experience includes the sale of millions of barrels of specification hydrocarbon products, and we understand the subtleties of placing recovered...

  • DuraTherm - Desorption Services

    DuraTherm - Desorption Services

    Leader in indirect fired thermal desorption The DuraTherm Desorption process is the front runner in indirect fired thermal desorption, successfully treating hundreds of thousands of tons of widely varying waste streams to US EPA-defined Universal Treatment Standards (UTS). Our technology has been granted a unique US EPA federal delisting for most refinery waste codes that insures that the final residues are nonhazardous. The DuraTherm Desorption...

  • DuraTherm - Project Services

    DuraTherm - Project Services

    DuraTherm technologies and expertise; Our management is experienced in domestic and international oil recovery operations and has directed projects resulting in the successful disposition of millions of tons of waste sludges, emulsions, and contaminated soils. We do not use a single-technology approach but provide our customers the right technology combination based on project cost, size, logistical considerations, and regulatory requirements....

  • DuraTherm - TSD Facility Services

    DuraTherm - TSD Facility Services

    Largest provider to petroleum refiners. DuraTherm’s RCRA-permitted TSD facility is the first choice of more US refineries for offsite management of their hazardous wastes than any other.  We serve all major oil and petrochemical companies at our TSDF near Houston, Texas, and receive residuals from both foreign and domestic generators.

  • DuraTherm - Mobile Services

    DuraTherm - Mobile Services

    The mobile DuraTherm DesorptionSM service is based on the same principles as the fixed-base system operated at DuraTherm’s RCRA-permitted facility in Texas City (formerly San Leon). The mobile indirect fired thermal desorption systems recover oil, including synthetic oils, from drill cuttings and drilling fluids; they are also capable of treating hydrocarbon-contaminated materials to US EPA RCRA standards. The process produces a clean, dry solid...

  • DuraTherm  - Metal Recycling

    DuraTherm - Metal Recycling

    DuraTherm receives and processes metallurgical secondary materials from generators worldwide.  We provide residual management recovery solutions for petroleum refining and petrochemical metal-bearing spent catalysts, both hazardous and nonhazardous.  Our focus on serving the petroleum-related and petrochemical industries provides our customers technical expertise, facility assets, and regulatory compliance in the management of spent catalyst...