DuraTherm, Inc.

DuraTherm, Inc.

- Hydrocarbon Recovery


DuraTherm was founded by experts in the fields of oil recovery, refining, and waste management with the intention of providing recovery and reuse solutions to hydrocarbon-related industries. The company has become the leader in the recycling technologies and services required to support your needs. Our experience includes the sale of millions of barrels of specification hydrocarbon products, and we understand the subtleties of placing recovered materials back on the product pathway. The DuraTherm team specializes in determining exact process requirements, recycling options, and product alternatives.  We develop the solution for your petroleum resource challenges that will return you the highest value.

Our lengthy experience in operating RCRA-permitted recovery processes and our knowledge of state regulatory requirements assure that your hydrocarbon secondary residuals and off-specification products will be handled in accordance with applicable federal and state mandates.  Your choice of DuraTherm not only returns bottomline value today but also insures that environmental liability will not return to you tomorrow.

  • Petroleum tank bottoms
  • Oil emulsions
  • Oily waters
  • Used oils and lubricants
  • High pour-point oils
  • High viscosity oils
  • Spent solvents
  • Oil-contaminated solids
  • Off-specification fuel and chemical products
  • Low-flash oils

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