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DuraTherm, Inc.

- TSD Facility Services


Largest provider to petroleum refiners. DuraTherm’s RCRA-permitted TSD facility is the first choice of more US refineries for offsite management of their hazardous wastes than any other.  We serve all major oil and petrochemical companies at our TSDF near Houston, Texas, and receive residuals from both foreign and domestic generators.

DuraTherm’s TSDF is the first choice for refinery wastes because we offer

  • Quick turn-around on customer containers
  • Prompt customer service response with no surprises
  • Detailed waste analysis provided with profile acceptance
  • Best pricing
  • Recycling pathways and reduced liability
  • In-depth knowledge of petroleum waste management-related issues
  • Evolving recovery technology assets

DuraTherm’s facility services are centered on patented thermal desorber technology for which we are the market leader.  We operate the two largest facility-based indirect fired thermal desorption units in the marketplace and have achieved the only active commercial US EPA delisting for residuals-bearing refinery listed waste codes.  DuraTherm Desorption technology is supported by a full complement of separation and blending treatment processes and product pathway alternatives.

  • Absorbents
  • Contaminated soil
  • Spent catalyst
  • API separator solids
  • Contaminated water
  • Dissolved air flotation float
  • Filter media
  • Bundle cleaning sludge
  • Sludges and emulsions
  • Spent carbon
  • Contaminated debris
  • Pipeline clean-out wastes
  • Discarded PPE
  • Off-specification products
  • Sewer and trap clean-out


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