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Local species abundance from DNA in water samples. Environmental DNA (eDNA) sequencing is useful for determining species composition of local macrofauna such as fish, mammals and birds by the analysis of DNA present within the water column, in the absence of the originating species. The DNA is either freely dissolved in the water or is present in cellular detritus from sloughed skin, faeces or mucus. eDNA has been shown to provide a good estimate of local and temporally variable species abundance, making the technique an essential tool for environmental monitoring.

Local macrofauna composition can be measured from as little as 0.5L of seawater. This means long term base-line monitoring of ecosystem structure can be performed, providing a data series against which impact assessments can be made.

Xelect is able to undertake long or short term eDNA based ecosystem monitoring projects, at competitive prices. We welcome enquires from industrial, academic and regulatory groups. We can offer a bespoke service, focussed on the taxonomic groups and time-scales of interest to your project.

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