EDCON-PRJ Marine Gravity and Magnetic Services


Since its founding in 1970, EDCON-PRJ has continued to advance the science of measuring gravity and magnetic fields at sea by developing and applying creative and innovative technology. Among its accomplishments are development of improved instumentation and data recording. These enhancements have led to the acquistion of higher-resolution data. The improved field data have driven EDCON-PRJ's data processing advancements.

EDCON-PRJ's experience in the two primary modes of marine gravity and magnetic data acquisition, operations aboard client seismic vessels and stand-alone surveys, is unparalleled: .

Operating in stand-alone mode on a dedicated gravity and/or magnetic survey vessel or working in concert with seismic, EM, ROV or other types of hydrographic surveys on client vessels, EDCON-PRJ provides personnel and equipment worldwide to meet the unique requirements of every marine survey situation.

We use the best gravity and magnetic instrumentation available in combination with advanced data processing techniques to yield the optimum geologic information for every project.

EDCON-PRJ has developed specifications for the acquisition and processing of marine gravity and magnetic data which have been adopted by many client companies world-wide.

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