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Stone has conducted nine studies quantifying runoff losses of crop protection and lawn care chemicals following rainstorms and irrigation. The objective of these studies was to assess the runoff potential of pesticide products under actual use conditions. In our most recent study, we qualified and instrumented 20 sites throughout the Midwest, trained contractors and growers to collect samples, and managed all sampling activities for the duration of the growing season. We set up more than 100 siphon-type runoff collectors at the sites, and instrumented five sites with Sigma autosamplers and tipping bucket rain gauges.

In selecting sites for a runoff study, we identify regions with high product sales. We meet with farmers in these regions and characterize potential sites by determining catchment area, treatment area, soils, field slope, cropping practices, and other factors that influence runoff generation and chemical transport. We establish sampling points proximal to existing channels and culverts that collect and convey runoff. Our sampling methods range from inexpensive, low-tech approaches involving grab sampling, siphon-type runoff samplers, and nonrecording rain gauges to higher-tech installation of weather stations, flumes, stage recorders, and autosamplers. Stone assists clients in designing experiments to result in a cost-effective and technically sound study.

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