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Emergency Pump-Outs



Clean Harbors Emergency Pump-out Services provide fast and efficient clean out of sumps, pits, manholes, tanks and vessels of any size. We handle pump-outs of products at various temperatures, pressures and consistencies, including hazardous and non-hazardous materials in liquid, semi-solid and solid forms. Clean Harbors maintains a variety of pumps to conduct on-site transfer of fuels and chemicals, ranging from 200 gallons per minute to 1,500 gallons per minute. On a 24-hour basis, 20,000-gallon frac tanks can be mobilized to a spill site and used for temporary storage. Other tanks ranging in size and type are also available for product to be stored. A full line of equipment including our fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks, specialty pumps, and skimmers are readily accessible for recovery of spilled product. Some waste streams have value if reprocessed. Our network of facilities is equipped to handle a variety of waste materials and provide a cost effective outlet for your reclaimable materials.

  • Immediate response
  • On-site tank transfer and temporary storage
  • Product recovery and materials reclamation
  • Various products, temperatures, pressures and consistencies
  • Level C through Level A response
  • Extensive resources and equipment
  • Personnel, experience and sound management
  • On-site health and safety managers
  • Online MSDS support with 24-hour access
  • Agency contractor and insurance company approved
  • Full ICS/NIMS support team

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