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Zephyr Environmental Corporation

Emissions Banking and Trading Service



Banking and trading of volatile organic compounds (VOC), nitrogen oxides (NOX) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions can be profitable and provide flexibility with applicable regulations. At Zephyr, we can assist you in generating, purchasing, selling Discrete Emission Reduction Credits (DERC), and Mass Emission Cap and Trade (MECT) allowances. Additionally, we can help you to meet the requirements of the Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compound (HRVOC) Cap and Trade Program. Our staff can also assist with questions about the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) and the Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR).

Our experience in the Texas market includes:

  • Assistance in generating DERCs and preparing DERC use applications
  • Preparing MECT and HRVOC allowance certifications and annual reports
  • Assisting in credit and allowance transfers

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