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The average experience of our Process Engineers exceeds 10 years. Our personnel understand how industrial processes operate and how emissions and discharges are generated from these processes. In addition, our personnel have experience in the evaluation of various technologies by which emissions can be controlled to meet regulatory limits. All of our staff engineers have substantial first hand experience in day to day plant operations. We also provide turn-key design and construction services when our clients request it.

GESI personnel routinely assist our clients with the development of cost-effective methods to either eliminate or reduce costly waste streams. The approach used for pollution prevention/waste minimization projects includes the development of data gathering and tracking mechanisms for wastes generated, analysis of baseline data, and incorporation of facility personnel's input. Waste minimization opportunities are evaluated based upon cost/benefit analysis, ease of implementation, and reduction of waste stream toxicity. GESI has developed waste stream reduction or elimination techniques and has created facility-specific Pollution Prevention Management Plans. Cost-effective measures implemented have included the following: process modifications; raw material substitution; product recovery and reuse; solid waste recycling and reduction; and waste to energy programs.

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