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First Environment Limited

Environment Services

Support for managing environmental issues for the built and natural environment from the provision of monitoring services to advice on remediation. The environment is an issue of truly global proportion but with a local root. The actions or choices of individuals and organisations contribute to effect beneficially or otherwise the environment. Many actions create readily apparent effects on a local level but less obvious are those actions that contribute to global issues. On a local level, best practice, good stewardship and awareness of international concerns can enable organisations to build practical environmental protection into their operational schemes.

Monitoring of environmental parameters is undertaken to demonstrate compliance, either set by corporate standards or external regulatory requirements. In addition, routine monitoring can provide early warning of potential problems, or on-going data to show control or successful remediation of prior pollution incidents.

First Environment provides a range of solutions for environmental management at your location.

Our services include:

  • Environmental audits
  • Environmental monitoring & analysis including:
    • Effluent discharge monitoring
    • Ground & surface water monitoring
    • Soil monitoring
  • Incident support
  • Liason with regulatory authorities
  • Environmental consent & licence applications
  • Noise monitoring & support
  • Survey of oil storage tanks & containment facilities

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