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CEC provides Environmental, Health, Safety, & Compliance services to clients in a variety of businesses. CEC's team of engineers and scientists have extensive experience and backgrounds in regulatory compliance and industry management practices providing auditing, assessment, permitting, project and program management and development services.

CEC provides environmental, health & safety auditing services to industrial clients, utilities, law firms, and financial institutions throughout the United States and Canada. CEC audits corporate environmental and safety programs, compliance with permit limits, state and federal regulations and corporate policies and procedures. The audits help clients prepare and implement cost-effective solutions and improve systems for tracking compliance. CEC offers compliance support in the following areas:

  • Liability assessments and reserve estimates
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Programs and procedures development to assist with compliance

CEC provides Environmental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) services by assisting in the creation, implementation, and ongoing support of these programs. CEC assists operations including:

  • Identifying activities, operations, processes, products, and services with environmental or health and safety impact
  • Identifying and evaluating state, federal and local regulations
  • Identifying responsibilities and resources for successful EMS or OHSMS implementation
  • Project, program and compliance support
  • Routine compliance reporting
  • EMS/OHSMS integration with information technology
  • Environmental cost analysis and performance evaluation
  • EMS/OHSMS program auditing, program design and development

CEC engineers and scientists have the industrial and environmental backgrounds to perform hazard assessments and safety analyses to evaluate facility and manufacturing operations. These assessments assist in identifying hazards within facility operations and support activities so that risk can be reduced. CEC's health, safety, and industrial hygiene services include:

  • Assessment of environmental health and safety hazards associated with facility operations using risk assessment methodology
  • Design and implementation of exposure sampling programs
  • Health, safety, and industrial hygiene compliance support
  • Human factors analysis including ergonomics assessment, work loading studies, fatigue analysis, tool use studies, and product flow evaluations
  • Indoor air quality studies
  • Occupational health and safety program development and audits

CEC's staff has the know-how to determine the applicable regulatory requirements to develop practical, effective permitting strategies and to assist industry in negotiating successful permits. In addition, CEC personnel have worked on complex PSD and NSR projects and have provided related services like control technology evaluation and dispersion modeling.

Our capabilities in air quality assessment and permitting include:

  • Determination of regulatory requirements
  • Title V operating permits
  • Operating scenarios
  • Emission inventories assessments
  • Dispersion modeling
  • New Source Review (NSR)/Prevention of Signification Deterioration (PSD) Analyses
  • Compliance audits
  • Development of permitting strategies
  • State construction and operating permits
  • Public meetings
  • Regulatory liaison and negotiation
  • Monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting
  • Control technology (BACT, LAER, RACT, MACT) Evaluation
  • Expert testimony

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