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Environmental Constructions Services

The Works and Conservation Division specialises in designing, planning and constructing all types of works and infrastructures of an environmental nature and in waste management; they have more than 20 years’ experience in the sector.The wide range of activities ranges from urban and industrial waste removal and/or assessment, landscape restoration, parks and gardens, soil decontamination and enhancement, to facilities that have been especially designed for cleaning and urban collection services.The Division also carries out services involving the comprehensive management of urban areas and industrial buildings, as well as buildings or social centres and sports complexes.

Some of the main environmental infrastructures in Spain are among the projects carried out:

  • The urban waste treatment and waste-to-energy plants in Madrid, Zaragoza, La Coruña, Barcelona, Leon and Zamora, amongst others
  • Decontaminating land formerly occupied by the old Madrid waste disposal site
  • Decontaminating the land affected by industrial waste disposal, such as the decontamination of HCH de Sabiñánigo (Huesca)
  • Used-oil regeneration and ship waste (Marpol) plants, such as the Marpol Treatment Plant in Algeciras Harbour and the Alfaro Oil Treatment Plant.
  • The Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment and Removal Centres in Aragon and Zamora and the Toxic and Hazardous Waste Plant in Valladolid, as well as the new low-density radioactive material cell in Cabril (Cordoba).
  • The central parks for the urban cleaning services in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • The river parks in Pamplona and part of the River Guadarrama in the Province of Madrid
  • The comprehensive maintenance services for several military bases throughout Spain

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