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Environmental Fate Modeling Services



Since 1992, Stone has been assisting agrochemical clients with the registration of new chemicals, and the maintenance and mitigation of existing registrations. As a critical part of every registration project, our modeling team is one of the most experienced in the industry in predicting the environmental concentrations of an agrochemical in surface water and groundwater.

Our modelers specialize in PRZM, GLEAMS, LEACHP, EXAMS, SWAT, PELMO, PEARL, TOXSWA, and WARP to perform:

  • Drinking water exposure estimates for toxicology risk assessments using surface water and groundwater models
  • Aquatic agrochemical exposure estimates for ecotoxicology risk assessments using surface water models
  • Calibration and investigative modeling for point and nonpoint source environmental fate phenomena
  • Probabilistic risk assessments combining spatial analysis with modeling to look at chemical behavior with spatial and temporal variability
  • Watershed-scale water-quality modeling
  • Statistical methodology for study design, and interpretations of data and environmental fate summaries

Our team has completed hundreds of modeling studies to meet the regulatory requirements of the United States (federal and state governments), Canada, and the European Union.

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