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Environmental Monitoring


Environmental monitoring of sites is designed to identify problem areas before they become major issues. Junior staff or busy managers who have more pressing issues to address frequently carry out the monitoring work. This results in the data not being used to the advantage of the site.

  • On-site and off-site gas sampling and monitoring.
  • Leachate and groundwater level monitoring.
  • Groundwater, surface water, discharge and leachate sampling.
  • Balancing of gas extraction systems.
  • Waste water treatment lagoon monitoring and sampling.
  • Breach monitoring and reporting.


Albion Environmental can also provide the following environmental monitoring services via our approved sub contractors:Jon Landfill

  • FID gas surveys.
  • List I & II sampling.
  • Waste sampling and analysis.
  • Emissions and trace gas analysis for flares.
  • Biofilter monitoring for particulate matter and bioaerosols.
  • Odour monitoring.
  • Noise monitoring.
  • Review of trigger limits.


Our Approach

We work with the client to identify the following aspects before any work commences:

  • Monitoring required.
  • Purpose for monitoring.
  • Reporting structure.

All this work is undertaken and reviewed by an experienced environmental consultant with extensive practical experience in the waste sector.

As part of our service we also provide detailed reporting to both client and regulatory authorities which include:

  • Detailed sampling methods for inclusion in your working plan.Jon & Robert
  • Provision of sample analysis at very competitive prices.
  • Complete reports of work carried out and results.
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports as required with trends analysis, fault reporting, complete review per sampling location, executive summaries and action requirements.
  • Review of previous data as required.
  • On approval, forward report to SEPA or EA.
  • Immediately warn the client of any potential pollution incidents and assist in providing remedial action.


Scope of Works

A detailed scope of works will identify and review the following:

  • Specific site requirements.
  • Staff requirements.
  • Equipment and testing schedule.
  • Laboratory requirements.
  • Legislative requirements.
  • Reporting requirements.

Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety AwarenessBorehole

Albion Environmental maintains a combined Environmental, Quality and Occupational Health & Safety Management System to the standard of BS EN ISO 14001:2004, BS EN 9001:2008 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 which is registered to NQA.

Albion Environmental can provide detailed Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSHH Assessments for all monitoring activities.

All monitoring equipment is ATEX approved and calibrated as required.

Successful Projects

Albion has carried out a wide range of environmental monitoring for a range of clients including -Albion Van

  • Shanks Argyll & Bute – All environmental monitoring for 2 operational and 2 closed landfill sites since 2004. Work involves carrying out all environmental monitoring as required by the Pollution Prevention and Control Permits (PPC’s) and Waste Management Licence (WML) for the site.
  • Straid Landfill Ltd. – All environmental monitoring for landfill site as required by the PPC since 2002.
  • GP Plantscape – currently operate an open windrow composting facility and an in vessel composting facility. Albion has been carrying out routine environmental monitoring on site since 2005. This has included surface water sampling, discharge consent sampling, leachate sampling, bio aerosol surveys and odour assessments.Albion Ferry 4
  • Shanks Cumbria – currently operate two Eco Deco Material Recycling facilities in Cumbria, Hespin Wood at Carlisle and Sowerby Woods at Barrow. Albion is currently contracted to project manage all environmental monitoring as required by the site PPC. This includes leachate sampling, bio filter monitoring, bio aerosol surveys and stack emissions. Albion has completed this for Hespin Wood since October 2011 and for Sowerby Woods since October 2012.
  • Keir Mining – operate a large surface coal mine to the west of Cumnock, Ayrshire. As part of their planning permission requirement they need to monitor groundwater levels and quality on a quarterly basis. Due to the depth of the mining operation boreholes need to be purged and sampled from a depth of 100m. Albion has all the necessary equipment to carry this specialised work out.
  • Albion also carries out a wide range of environmental monitoring on an ad hoc basis from sampling contaminated soil, noise and vibration surveys and waste compositional analysis

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