Environmental Noise & Vibration Service



AKRFs acoustics and vibration experts offer a broad range of acoustical services for the analysis and abatement of noise and vibration consistent with local, state, and federal regulations. Our experts perform noise and vibration studies using state-of-the-art measurement equipment and computer modeling (e.g., CadnaA, FHWA TNM, FTA) to address a range of concerns, including those relating to stationary and mobile sources, ensuring that sources comply with applicable regulations and that interior noise levels for various uses meet acceptable levels.

Our experience includes work assessing noise and vibration from power plants; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; highways; transit systems; heliports; and airports. We also undertake specialized studies, including analyses for raceways, pyrotechnics, wind turbines, and other uses.

We recommend practical and cost-effective noise control and vibration isolation measures for a wide range of projects to meet local, state, and federal regulations.  

The scope of our services includes:

  • Noise and vibration field measurements, and on-site inspections
  • Acoustical computer modeling
  • Stationary source noise analysis
    • Power plants and industrial facilities
    • HVAC equipment
    • Wind turbines
    • School playground noise assessments
  • Mobile source noise analysis
    • Traffic/transportation
    • Railway
    • Aircraft
  • Noise code compliance
  • Noise barrier design
  • Building attenuation studies
  • Development of noise abatement designs to reduce impacts
  • Construction noise and vibration analysis and abatement

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