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ESD Testing & Latch-Up Testing Services

EAG is an industry leader in ESD testing (Electrostatic Discharge) and Latch up testing. Our highly experienced engineering team use their industry leading knowledge and years or real world experience of the latest semiconductor technologies, circuit design, and device physics to optimize our customer's ESD and latch-up results. When you choose EAG, you will be working together with recognized experts in the field of ESD testing and latch-up testing. ESD/LU worksheet requestWe are committed to providing our customers with the most up-to-date testing methodologies, along with technical interpretation of the test data and accurate assessment of the results.

Our in-house PCB team can also create custom ESD fixtures quickly to help speed your time to results. In addition, EAG's ESD team is part of a much larger service organization that provides customers ready access to world class failure analysis, environmental / reliability testing, FIB circuit edit, electron microscopy and ATE test services.

We know that our customers have a range of needs and that a one size fits all approach does not work. That's why we have developed a range of IC ESD and Latch-up test offerings to best meet your requirements.

  • Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM)
  • Charged Device Model (CDM)
  • Latch-up
  • Transmission Line Pulse (TLP)

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