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Expert opinion and arbitration for waste and recycling processes and equipment. Axion Consulting provides engineering expert opinion on recycling and waste processes in cases of industrial and commercial disputes, including litigation, arbitration, adjudication and mediation.

We draw on our unique experience as both plant supplier and plant operator to offer deep technical understanding of recycling processes and plants. We understand that changes to infeed material (such as variations in composition, biodegradability, density or moisture) can have detrimental effects on waste processing and recycling plant performance leading to contractual disputes that need to be resolved.

Our team of qualified and experienced engineers can offer expert opinion on recycling and waste processing plants, whether they have been properly commissioned and whether they are achieving their design and operation requirements in terms of tonnage, machine availability, product yield and purity or machine effectiveness.

We can examine evidence and provide independent technical reports on whole plants, processes and individual pieces of equipment that are not operating according to design specifications. The team can provide capital (CAPEX) and operating (OPEX) estimates for plant modifications or replacement equipment and machinery.

Our engineering team has expertise in a range of recycling separation and re-processing technologies, including:

  • Chemical manufacture
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)
  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD)
  • Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
  • Energy from Waste (EfW)
  • Plastics and polymer processing
  • Scrap metal recycling

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