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Four Phase Tank Assessment Services


Tanknology’s Proprietary Alternative to Manned-Entry UST Inspections. Underground Storage Tank (UST) inspections performed via manned entry are risky and expensive. They are also frequently inaccurate. A better - and safer - solution is Tanknology's Four Phase Tank Assessment method. As the worldwide leader in UST compliance solutions, Tanknology has combined a precision tank tightness test, a corrosion survey, and an unmanned internal tank inspection done by a remote camera with an expert review by a certified Corrosion Protection Specialist. This provides an accurate and economical assessment of a tank's condition - all without the risks of manned entry.


PHASE ONE: VacuTect® Precision 
Tightness Test of the UST

The Tanknology VacuTect system is the world's most accurate and popular method for verifying the tightness of underground tanks and lines. It tests both the wet and dry parts of the tank in a single test, using a patented vacuum methodology. The VacuTect method has been used throughout the world on more than a million USTs.

PHASE TWO: Site Corrosion Survey
A comprehensive site survey evaluates the environmental and structural conditions that may be causing corrosion and therefore deterioration in the tank, pipes, joints and connectors. This corrosion survey and data evaluation is conducted under the direction of NACE International certified Corrosion Protection Specialists. NACE International is recognized around the world as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions.

PHASE THREE: PetroScope® Remote Camera 
Unmanned Internal Tank Inspection

The Tanknology PetroScope system is a proprietary method of thoroughly inspecting the interior of a UST using a remote-controlled camera equipped with high intensity lighting. This specialized video system provides a detailed inspection of all aspects of the UST interior, capturing the inspection video on a DVD – all without the need for manned entry.

PHASE FOUR: Expert Review and Reporting
The VacuTect test, the corrosion tank inspection video and corrosion field report is formally reviewed by a NACE International certified Corrosion Protection Specialist. A final report details the conditions of the tank and its suitability for continued use, as well as any recommendations regarding corrosion protection and re-inspection.

The benefits of our four Phase Tank Assessment:

  • The comprehensive program combines a tank test, visual inspection and corrosion survey to provide a complete picture of the condition of the UST system.
  • A complete internal tank inspection is performed, without the risk and high cost of manned-entry.
  • Our thorough inspection protocol is more accurate and thorough than visual inspections.
  • Internal inspection is captured on video, providing permanent evidence of the condition of the tank's condition at the time of inspection.

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