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Gene-Trac testing is used to quantify key microorganisms and to determine microbial community composition for the assessment of bioremediation potential and to monitor enhanced bioremediation performance by quantifying and characterizing microorganisms in groundwater and soil/sediment from contaminated sites.

Use Gene-Trac® Testing to:

  • Determine if suitable microorganisms are present for MNA remedies.
  • Predict the effectiveness of biostimulation before the addition of electron donor.
  • Determine the need for bioaugmentation.
  • Determine the impact of site amendments including, electron donors/acceptors.
  • Predict if intermediates such as cDCE or vinyl chloride are likely to accumulate.
  • Characterize microbial community spatial and temporal variability.
  • Validate the performance of enhanced bioremediation projects.
  • Make informed decisions to manage bioremediation and other microbial systems.

Quantify Environmental Microorganisms and Microbial Communities

SiREM offers a growing number of targets for Gene-Trac® testing that includes: Dehalococcoides (Dhc), Dehalobacter (Dhb) and Dehalogenimonas (Dhg), Desulfitobacterium (Dsb) and key functional genes such as vinyl chloride reductase (vcrA, bvcA), trichloroethene reductase (tceA), chloroform, 1,1,1-TCA and 1,1-DCA reductase (cfrA/dcrA). These microorganisms and functional genes are critical to reductive dechlorination of many chlorinated compounds, including chlorinated ethenes, ethanes, methanes, and propanes. Geobacter and sulfate reducers play key roles in the metabolism of aromatic hydrocarbon compounds and the generation of iron sulfur compounds critical to natural attenuation remedies. The dxmB and ALDH genes are important in the aerobic degradation of 1,4-dioxane.

Gene-Trac® quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) testing is used to quantify key dechlorinating bacteria and functional genes. If a comprehensive analysis of microbial community is required Gene-Trac® NGS (next generation sequencing) provides detailed microbial community composition to better understand the current and potential functions of microbial communities.

Gene-Trac® Features

  • Comprehensive reports provide detailed testing and quality control parameters
  • Electronic data deliverables in various formats available
  • USA or Canada sample reception options available
  • Field filter protocols are available that reduce shipping costs
  • Unparalleled technical support for data interpretation and planning

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