Technology Experts Co.

GIS Department

Technology experts provides technical consultancy in area of (GIS) and technical advice to a number of professional customers through specialists and experts in the fields of geographic information systems, informatics and remote sensing.


Some services provided include:

  • Processing and interpretation of satellite images and aerial photographs (remote sensing).
  • Conversion of coordinates (levels and projections and Spheroids).
  • Determine the suitable methods and techniques of GIS to solve spatial problems.
  • Data collection, compilation and verification in the field (attribute and place and time).
  • Development and design of different spatial databases.
  • Creation of different spatial maps using satellite images, topographic maps, geological maps and structural maps.
  • Create maps showing the results of GIS spatial modeling.
  • Administration fastest and most effective irrigation and farm management through geographic information systems.
  • GIS applications in the field of environment (spatial analysis) to assess the environmental impact.
  • Site analysis to determine the optimal locations for the landfill.
  • The application of GIS in the field of water resources, wells distribution and water quality depending on the location.
  • The application of GIS in water supplies and sanitation.

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