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Groundwater Treatment



VHE provides groundwater treatment services on almost every remediation project we undertake. We carry out the design, construction and operation of the treatment facilities using in-house resources. We have significant experience of treating water arising from excavations or from within existing underground holder tanks contaminated with organics (LNAPLs and DNAPLs) and heavy metals. Prior to water being returned to the environment, it is treated using a combination of activated carbon filters, oil and water separators, sand filters and pre-setting tanks.

Our skilled operators and supervisory staff ensure that groundwater treatment works adhere to our own environmental procedures and are carried out in accordance with pollution prevention guidelines.

We have gained significant experience of groundwater treatment from our remediation term contract with National Grid, under which we have worked on more than 400 sites. We have also successful delivered individual remediation schemes involving groundwater treatment systems treating some 100,000 m³ of contaminated liquids.

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