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Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Services



Waste management and removal and associated regulatory issues are an important component of any environmental project.  Our personnel are thoroughly knowledgeable of the complex transportation and disposal regulations that apply to hazardous materials and hazardous wastes incidents. 

We have business relationships with many treatment and disposal firms to ensure a variety of cost-effective alternatives are available for waste disposal needs.  We select the appropriate facilities based on service, quality, compliance, price, and client preference. 


CES has trained and licensed personnel (supervisors, operators, and technicians) to handle a variety of underground storage tank (UST) and above ground storage tank (AST) services, including compliance evaluations, tank clean-outs, tank removal, and on-site abandonment. In the event there is a product release from a tank into the environment, we can proceed with a site investigation and remedial design implementing a cost-effective cleanup program.


CES has extensive experience with the cleaning and decontamination of construction, industrial, medical / clean room, manufacturing and agricultural buildings, structures, tanks, and more. Site-specific work and safety plans are developed before any work is started to ensure compliance with OSHA and performance standards.  


We also offer demolition services including steel and concrete cutting, crushing and separating, dismantling equipment, walls, electrical and plumbing, and building structures, and removing and / or recycling building debris. We also offer remediation of hazardous materials from the site including asbestos and lead-based paint.


CES also develops plans, streamlines processes, and provides services for the excavation, removal, and remediation of debris from commercial and / or residential jobsites. 

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