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Nova Consulting Group, Inc.

Industrial Hygiene



Nova offers a wide range of services related to work place health and safety hazards and compliance with health and safety regulations.  Our professional staff can help identify, evaluate, and control health and safety problems in occupational or industrial settings and assist companies in complying with OSHA standards.

Nova's Expertise

Nova has significant experience in indoor-air monitoring, problem investigation, compliance review, corrective engineering, employee training, and periodic audits.  Air monitoring is conducted using a Metrosonics aq-501 instrument.  This instrument is efficient and cost saving because it provides continuous monitoring of multiple conditions.  Nova conducts air monitoring services for simple contaminants, such as carbon monoxide, or complex contaminants, such as isocyanates.

The Nova staff also develops, implements, and presents programs for Right-to-Know, Confined Space, Lockout-Tagout, Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection and Hazard Communication.  We work with the full range of OSHA, health department, and right-to-know compliance issues.


Typical projects often address regulatory and liability concerns of the employers, and respond to employee questions or complaints.  These projects will require a facility walk through to identify hazards which may lead to accidents, illnesses, hearing loss, or repetitive motion injuries.  Sampling and testing can be performed to measure exposure to airborne chemical hazards or excessive noise or heat.  Evaluations may also entail an analysis of engineering control strategies, including ventilation systems, process modifications, or product substitution.  Expert witness testimony and advisory services are provided to clients involved in health related claims.

  • Air Monitoring
  • Problem Investigation
  • Compliance Review
  • Control Engineering
  • OSHA Programs
  • Expert Witness

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