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Industrial Services

Deploying skilled operators and appropriate technologies, ECO provides a full range of process equipment cleaning services to our industrial clients, including facilities such as refinery storage tanks, chemical tanks, pipelines for hydrocarbon transport, etc.

Asbestos Management and Removal
ECO was one of the first companies to manage asbestos removal in Singapore, and since year 2000 we have completed more than 6,000 asbestos removal projects. Our clients in shipping, industry, marine sector, and commercial buildings can be assured of safe removal utilizing total containment methods, transported by ECO's trucks, and disposal to the approved facility.

Facility and equipment decommissioning
Services we provide include cleaning and disposal of process equipment and ducting contaminated by lead and other hazardous materials, general demolition of industrial facilities and equipment, and safe removal and disposal of hydrocarbon containing tanks and equipment.

Contaminated land remediation
ECO is one of the primary contractors in Singapore for the clean-up of contaminated land. Depending on the client requirement and nature of contamination, we carry out in-situ remediation and also transport contaminated soil back to our hazardous waste facilities for treatment in our incinerators and other facilities.

Crisis Response
Located in proximity to many of our industrial clients and with our logistics fleet and facilities operating 24/7, ECO is in an excellent position to respond quickly to emergencies such as chemical spills, overflows, and discharges. We have vacuum tankers and a specialized Emergency Response Vehicle with all necessary spill containment and clean-up equipment.

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