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ACoP L8 principally concerns hot and cold water services and cooling towers; however, pools and spa baths are included under Other risk systems. In a spa bath or hot tub, the water temperature is typically greater than 34°C which, combined with the aerosol spray created by deliberate agitation, presents a foreseeable risk of exposure to Legionella. This is clearly shown by the hot tub on display at a flower show in Holland creating one of the largest outbreaks of Legionnaires' Disease, in 1999. More recently, a major DIY superstore was fined £90,000 for exposing 500,000 people to the disease from a display spa bath. To mitigate the risk of exposing staff, customers and clients to Legionella, a safety plan needs to be put in place covering system assessment, monitoring, management and communication, and surveillance.

The key components of an automatic pH/Cl2 analyser (swimming pool installation):

  • Free chlorine readout
  • Redox reading
  • pH readout
  • pH and Cl2 probes

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