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Laboratory Services


ECO has a SINGLAS accredited laboratory with particular expertise in environmental and waste testing, including TCLP, trade effluent analysis, hydrocarbon ash content and CV, organic compounds, heavy metal content, and water content in solvent. Our laboratory is equipped with equipment such as ICP-AES, GCMS, GC-TOGAS, bomb calorimeter, and many others.

Transformer oil analysis
We conduct transformer oil analysis including dissolved gases, neutralization value, corrosive sulphur, water content, dielectric strength, dissipation factor, and resistivity.

Waste treatment system Research & Development
We work with clients and partners to develop innovative methods to treat and recover difficult, complex waste and wastewater streams. Starting with analysis of the client waste stream and production process, we evaluate various methods typically employing a combination of technology and chemistry. Once we have a technically workable solution, we focus on commercial feasibility, followed by building of the process either at the client's facility or at ECO's site.

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