Oekolab Fuhrmann GmbH Waste Water Technology

Oekolab Fuhrmann GmbH Waste Water Technology

Laboratory Services

The mechanism of our laboratory is aligned to the treatment of environmentalrelevant samples. For the analysis of waste water we have modern spectrometric and chromatographic systems. Waste water analytics rank without reservation among the major task of our laboratory. Further applications of water analytics are during processing given by surface and fishery water, industrial water and boiler feeding water. The analysis of solid and firm matrices as dredges, sedimends, soils and wastes is a further service range of our house. Finally we would like to refer still to different material analyses, like electroplating liquids, examination of recycling material from road construction, investigation of fire arrears, investigation of textiles and timber materials pollutants


Test areas of Oekolab FUHRMANN GmbH

  • Physical, physicochemical and chemical investigations of
  • Waste water
  • water
  • Food
  • mud
  • Sediments
  • soils
  • contaminated soils
  • compost
  • Refuse dumps
  • waste and materials for utilization
  • Fire arrears
  • materials, textiles and leathers
  • Soil air and dump gases
  • organic and inorganic gases and steams, aerosols, types of dust with emissions and immissions
  • Galvanic baths
  • regulation of materials and composition of preparing within the framework of REACH
  • selected chemical investigations of iron and steel as well as non-ferrous metals
  • sampling of waste water, cooling water, water from standing waters, groundwater leaders, running waters as well as sampling of dredging, compost, materials to the utilization and waste as well as materials.
  • Sampling of soil samples by means of small ramming drilling

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