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For agricultural entrepreneurs, a major preoccupation revolves around improvements in crop management. In order to encourage controlled practices, more demanding regulations have been implemented. The need for crop classification, seeding dates, knowledge of ground depth, the comprehension of surface runoff and irrigation channels, and the calculations of estimated yields have shown that there exists a strong potential for geomatics activities for tracking agricultural growth. Through LiDAR survey systems, high precision topography of crop zones is achievable. This topography, when associated with data collected using multispectral sensors, leads to the creation of a database that collects data on each territory element. This database, which becomes the snapshot of each field, can be chronologically traced and help the decision-making in agricultural management processes.


The Geographic Information System (GIS) should contain:

  • LiDAR derived precise topography
  • Catch Basins, and subcatch basins delimitations
  • Surface runoff identification
  • Location of drainage networks
  • Identification of wet and dry zones
  • Hydrometeorological and hydromorphological statistics
  • Cadastral fragmentation
  • Data derived from multispectral sensors

Rounding out this reference tool for users in the agricultural sector are various modeling and processing tools, as well as a management and data distribution system.

The PHB Group, through its contacts with geomatics related universities and development centers, significantly contributes in a field looking to increase the quality and profitability of crop yields.

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