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Landfill, Livestock, and ODS Carbon Offset Verification



Develop carbon credits through your landfill gas, ozone depleting substances (ODS), and livestock offset projects that are credible, transparent, and tradable in global carbon markets. SCS Global Services is globally recognized as a verifier of carbon offset projects. SCS is ISO 14065 accredited to offer landfill carbon offset project verification under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR). SCS will soon be accredited under the California Air Resources Board (ARB) for ODS and livestock projects.

SCS Global Services works with project developers, investment funds, and private and municipal landfill operators. Our verifiers are skilled in carbon offset project evaluation, engineering, and third party verification.

Project Types
We can verify the following project types:

  • Landfill Methane Destruction
  • Livestock Methane Destruction
  • Ozone Depleting Substances Destruction

SCS Services

  • Pre-assessment or gap analysis - We can conduct a gap analysis prior to initiating the project. A gap analysis can identify technical issues prior to final verification.
  • Project design validation - Validate the design of your offset project with SCS to determine your eligibility for verification. Please contact our GHG verification staff at any point in the development stages of your project.
  • Verification of project-based emissions reductions - We verify GHG emission reductions associated with the collection and destruction of greenhouse gases.

SCS will guide your business through the verification process and provide personalized attention with a fast turnaround and a high-level of service tailored to your needs.

Complete an application form, including a description of the project and its location. SCS staff will return a proposal to you for signature. To initiate the verification process, return a signed proposal and contract agreement.

Submit Project Documentation
SCS will conduct a desk review of all project documentation and issues findings to the applicant. You have an opportunity to correct each finding before the site visit.

On Site Visit
We will conduct site visit(s) to assess the project's compliance with the relevant program standards. This includes an office visit and a field visit.

Draft Verification Report
SCS will issue a draft verification report that details findings from the site visit. You have an opportunity to address findings before the final verification decision is made.

Technical Review
A lead verifier who was not involved in the audit will do an independent review of the draft verification report.

Verification Report
The final verification opinion is submitted to the applicable greenhouse gas registry for issuance of carbon offsets (as warranted).

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