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Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

Our strong project organization facilitates formulation of expert opinions in a timely and streamlined manner. Expert witness services CRB has provided to its clients include: Data compilation and evaluation. Quality assurance/quality control reviews, including field and laboratory services. Contaminant concentration and groundwater flow modeling. Review of historical photographic sources. Modeling to determine approximate release dates and timing of releases. Expert testimony on environmental impairment and remediation costs.

CRB has extensive experience in environmental litigation matters including insurance defense and cost recovery.  We work closely with clients and attorneys to identify the exact requirements for the project and prepare an aggressive technical scope.

Database Evaluation
Knowledgeable personnel from various disciplines are brought together early in the project to thoroughly evaluate the largest databases using state of the art technology to track related data and documents in order to accurately synthesize support documents for opinions and findings.   
CRB's Experience in Litigation Support
Frederick R. Baddour, P.G. and Victor Rossinsky, Ph.D., PG. have over 50-years combined experience in litigation support services for various industries in across the country.
Wood Treatment Facilities - The contaminant source and timing of release was determined through characterization analyses and fingerprint of samples collected from the site.
Recycling Facilities - Facilities that conduct solvent and oil recovery operations were evaluated. Groundwater, soil and surface water were investigated to determine extent, timing and causes of contamination.
Airports - Litigation support for cases involving insurance coverage and potentially responsible parties.
Vinyl Chloride Producing Facility - The case involved a feasibility study on numerous groundwater remedial system designs.  A reasonable cost range was determined for a groundwater treatment system, installation, operation and maintenance.
Railroad Systems - Expert witness services were provided to evaluate extent, timing and causes of contamination at numerous railroad sites across the country.
National Priorities List Sites (NPL) - Litigation support services were provided for evaluating the time and cause of contamination for numerous NPL sites.
Former Chemical Manufacturing Plants - Expert witness services were provided to evaluate extent of contamination. At a pentachlorophenol (PCP) manufacturing plant, the soils and PCP were evaluated to determine a retardation factor. Distribution of PCP in soils was modeled.
Litigation Review
The following sources are researched and/or reviewed to evaluate the extent and timing of contamination:

  • Historical processes
  • Historical evidence of release events
  • Analytical, geological and hydrogeological data
  • Previously prepared environmental reports
  • Facility records

Laboratory and field data, chronologies of significant events, spills and releases, estimated and incurred costs, and storage tank information are tabulated into various databases.  Soil, groundwater and/or air modeling is performed and pertinent information is summarized in graphs, charts and diagrams for courtroom presentations.

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