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Management And Waste Disposal


Waste management and disposal services for third parties: Global service offers and invitations to tender for environmental reclamation and waste disposal contracts, Framework agreements and contracts for sites that have either been abandoned or are still operational, to be run via a dedicated on-site operations centre, Waste agency services for national and foreign sites, Consultancy services related to technical and administrative aspects of managing the waste cycle and/or managing cross-border waste practices.

SIMAM guidelines for disposing its own waste and the waste of its customers:

  • A network of first-rate final and/or intermediary waste disposal firms should be used. These firms must meet SIMAM's qualifying criteria and have suitable waste disposal references
  • A priority transportation service to the final waste disposal/recovery plants must be operational
  • Intermediary plants should only be used if absolutely necessary. In this case, the path of the waste right up to the final disposal stage must be carefully checked and then approved
  • The location of the waste must be fully tracked right up to the final disposal/recovery stage. A disposal certificate must be obtained along with all legally valid documents (FIR, MOD 1B etc.) and these must be stamped and signed by authorised personnel at the plants taking charge of the waste.

Our waste management services are overseen by staff with a wealth of experience in the sector who specialise in full service management. They have also managed to build solid relationships with leading Italian and foreign operators over the years.

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