Simam Spa

Simam Spa

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  • Global Service

    Global Service

    Global Service is the integrated service system with which SIMAM designs and builds “turnkey” plants, taking care of all matters relevant to their management, including waste treatment and disposal methods.

  • Management And Waste Disposal

    Management And Waste Disposal

    Waste management and disposal services for third parties: Global service offers and invitations to tender for environmental reclamation and waste disposal contracts, Framework agreements and contracts for sites that have either been abandoned or are still operational, to be run via a dedicated on-site operations centre, Waste agency services for national and foreign sites, Consultancy services related to technical and administrative aspects of...

  • Reclamation


    The natural environment is the set of factors that influence living beings, spontaneously regulated by the course of nature. These sometimes are affected by non-natural factors created by man.Studies and analysis of assessment:

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    Our design, at all levels, is the starting point for construction of plants with the latest technology, in full compliance with applicable laws, ensuring standards of absolute effectiveness and reliability.

  • Environmental Remediation and Restoration

    Environmental Remediation and Restoration

    The natural environment is the single most important factor responsible for the existence of life on earth. Controlled by the planet’s natural cycles, its laws are often in contrast with the non-natural anthropic activities undertaken by man. To preserve life at best in our ever increasing industrialized planet, it is and will be crucial in the near futureto maintain a good balance between the environmental factors and the ecosystem. The protection...