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Manufacturers may be tempted to dismiss rising market interest in environmental impact and increasing regulation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Manufacturing executive observations to date have included:

“Our products are not environmentally friendly and our processes are environmentally challenged by their very nature. We have no hope of becoming truly sustainable and we shouldn’t even try.”

“When the cost of GHG legislation becomes clear, the public will revolt. This too shall pass.”

“Our customers simply will not choose the product they’d get if we made it in a more sustainable manner.”

Such statements reflect the frustration at the special difficulties involved in sustainable manufacturing. But incremental improvements, conscientiously applied as part of a comprehensive Sustainability strategy, create and capture shareholder value. metavû encourages its manufacturing clients to ask tough questions:

  • Does our sustainability strategy help us mitigate revenue risk and seize market opportunities?
  • Do we understand the environmental impact of the product we manufacture over its life cycle?
  • Have we compared those impacts to products our customers perceive as substitutes?
  • Do we adequately boradcast any environmental advantages our products may have?

From environmental performance to regulatory advocacy and from strategic planning to strategy implementation, MetaVu can help your organization prepare to meet tomorrow’s market demands.

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