Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL)



We offer a variety of measurements for both emissions as well as the state of different environmental settings and matrices. Our measurement expertise spans virtually all areas of society, from industrial processes and mobile emission sources to workplaces and cities. We also monitor the state of the natural environment and charts pathways for chemicals, using various screening methods. We can analyse a large and rare number of substances. We use a variety of different measurement methods, from simple diffusive samplers to advanced measurement systems. Examples of the latter is 'real-world' measurements using remote sensing technology for emissions in real traffic and process optimization, in which we can use acoustic chemometrics in order to determine the composition of the process fluid online and thus control the process better.

Examples of areas where we can conduct measurements are:

  • Emissions from stationary plants
  • Emissions from mobile sources
  • Emissions from products
  • Work environment
  • Indoor environment
  • Outdoor air
  • Deposit / fall out
  • Marine environment
  • Soil and sediment
  • Process measurements

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