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Slope Monitoring in the Surface Mining Industry has become routine practice to support mining staff in the management of Geotechnical risks. Interferometric radar technology, embedded in the IBIS-FM solution, has emerged as a leading tool for this purpose. The success of slope monitoring radar is attributed to its ability to rapidly measure slope movements with sub-millimeter accuracy over large areas. As a result, IDS slope monitoring radar is effectively used for the provision of real-time alerts in the event of progressive movements that can potentially lead to mine slope failure.

IDS Mining Services Include:

  • Continuous (24x7) & remote monitoring of mine wall movements with sub-millimetre accuracy from distances up to 4 Km
  • Provision of reliable early warning for progressive slope movements that potentially lead to failure of mine walls
  • Mapping of long term evolution of slow moving slopes and forecast of mine wall movement
  • Underground tunnel condition assessment

IDS Mining Solutions Advantages

  • Remote monitoring of displacements at a distance of up to 4 Km; reduced number of personnel required to operate the radar thanks to the long working range (no need to move the equipment during blasting);
  • Wide area monitoring: up to several square km can be monitored at once. While other sensors measure the displacement of one selected point at a time, IBIS measures the simultaneous displacement of the entire scenario in real time;
  • High accuracy: sub-millimeter measurement accuracy: 1/10 mm in normal situations; up to 1/100 mm in special conditions;
  • Any time, all-weather operation: capable of operating in all conditions both day and night;
  • Autonomous operation: permanent or long running monitoring operation without human intervention. Real-time feedback on displacement allows use as an early-warning device. Reduced production delays due to slope instability warnings;
  • Safety improvements for personnel and equipment;
  • Competitive Rates – cost effective solutions for all clients by utilizing the very latest technology and experienced personnel located worldwide;
  • Expertise – highly-qualified technical experience needed to help specific solutions for specific requirements. A dedicated sales team is always on hand to offer technical expertise for all client needs;
  • Quality & Reliability – IDS has a comprehensive quality system in place, headed by highly qualified and experienced experts who perform rigorous IDS Quality Assessment on each project.

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