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Modern Waste Water Treatment Technology for the Production of Storage Media and Solar Cells.

The company Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd. recently built a new factory in New Delhi for the manufacture of silicon crystal wafers which reaches a nominal capacity of 80 MWp (megawatt peak) per year.  

The production of solar cells as well as the air scrubbers results in waste water which is continually treated with Envochem COL 10.000 chemical physico process. The necessary chemicals to fix the pH are fully automatically dosed.
The waste water is neutralized and the contaminants are flocculated and separated from the water with a special dosifier. A press dewaters the resulting sludge.

The Envochem COL plant from EnviroChemie fullfills the strict waste water thresholds as provided in the contract.  

The plant was pre-built by EnviroChemie in Germany according high quality standards.  This reduced the time for the assembly and start of operations in India. The plant was then completed by EnviroChemie specialists on location. EnviroChemie supports plant operations via Modem with a monitoring system from EnviroChemie Germany.

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