Materials Analytical Services, LLC (MAS)

Mold Inspection & Testing Services


Our Mold Department provides both viable and non-viable analysis supervised by a PhD Microbiologist. We offer turnaround times from 5 days to same-day service, as well as weekend analysis for non-viables. MVOC analysis is also available (see IH Chemistry). We can also create custom reports that are available online or via e-mail.


MAS offers examination of the following types of samples:    

  • Bulk Samples (Tape Lifts, Bulk Material)
  • Non-Viables - Air Samples (Air-O-Cells, Burkard and Allergenco)
  • Viables - Air Samples (Andersen Samples)
  • Viables - Bulk Samples (Wipes, Dust, Bulk)
  • Viables - Dust Analysis (Gravimetric)

  • Visual Inspection for Mold
  • Damage Source and Evaluation
  • Specimen Collection (Air-O-Cell, Tape, Swab, etc.)
  • Spore Count and Identification
  • Remediation Plans
  • Guidance for Future Monitoring
  • Mold Prevention and Training

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