A.Lanfranco & Associates Inc.

A.Lanfranco & Associates Inc.

Monitoring Instrumentation


Twenty MM-5 modules for dioxin/furan/PAH sampling. Fifteen NAPP (Lear-Siegler) stack sampling trains with probes up to fifteen feet.

  • Continuous Emission Analyzers (O2, CO2, SOx, NOx, CO, TRS, VOC) redundant
  • Rader Hi-volume stack samplers
  • Ambient and In-stack particle sizing impactors
  • Total Suspended Particulate Hi-volume and PM-2.5/10 samplers
  • Precision scientific wet test meter
  • Various systems designed for specific contaminant collections
  • CEM analyzers Protocol 1 Gases:  NO/NOx, SO2/TRS, CO, O2, THC/VOC

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