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MRF Health Check Service



Axion Consulting and 360 Environmental have developed a new service, drawing on the skills and experience of senior managers in both companies, to create a useful ‘health check’ for MRFs.

This health check service enables MRF operators to identify opportunities to optimise performance and increase profits. We know that a MRF is not simply a collection of plant and equipment which just needs to be switched on to make it do the waste sorting and separation task.The efficient day-to-day operation of a MRF only happens if the managers and operators running the process are themselves working as an orderly team within well defined procedures and management systems. The interaction between the ‘people’ and ‘plant’ is a key element of how well the overall MRF system performs.

The MRF health check service is a fast, low risk tool to enable owners and managers of MRF facilities to obtain an independent performance assessment of the main business areas.

Your MRF health check will review and assess:

  • Management objectives
  • Key performance objectives
  • MRF business strategy
  • Key staff roles
  • Main commercial contracts
  • Material mass balance
  • Equipment
  • Plant control systems
  • Problem ‘hot spots’
  • Input and output market values
  • Gross margins

Our report to you will cover:

  • Key findings and observations
  • Identification of main problems
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Data gap analysis
  • Critical issue analysis
  • Key opportunities
  • Implementation plan
  • Prioritised ‘to do’ list
  • Costs estimates for next

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