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The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was signed into law on January 1, 1970. The Act requires that all federal agencies consider both the impacts of their actions on the environment and possible alternatives to those actions during the planning phases. EBI Consulting has been a leading provider of NEPA compliance services for over a decade, and our team of scientists, historians, and archaeologists has overseen the successful completion of thousands of NEPA Screenings and Environmental Assessments nationwide.

EBI offers an extensive range of services designed to assist with NEPA compliance, including:

NEPA regulations permit federal agencies to establish categories of actions that have been determined to individually or cumulatively have no significant effect on the quality of the human environment. Federal actions falling into these categories are considered 'categorically excluded' from further environmental review. EBI Consulting’s team of NEPA specialists prepares screening reports for proposed projects to identify potential significant environmental effects and determine if a categorical exclusion may apply.

Federal actions not categorically excluded from further review under NEPA may require the preparation of an Environmental Assessment (EA). An EA determines the significance of potential environmental effects expected to occur as a result of the proposed action and evaluates possible alternatives to the action. Ensuring that EAs are prepared accurately and professionally is crucial in avoiding unnecessary delays to projects. EBI’s team of NEPA specialists has over ten years of experience performing natural and cultural resource reviews needed to prepare comprehensive EAs.

EBI Consulting has a full-service Cultural Resource Management (CRM) group with the capabilities to guide projects of all types through the federal, state, and local regulatory processes. We offer a complete range of archaeological and architectural history services, including:

  • Section 106 Consultation
  • Archaeological surveys for both Section 106 and state consultation
  • Site File and Historic Map Research
  • Consultation with Native American Indian Tribes
  • Architectural surveys for both state and local Section 106 consultation
  • Existing Condition Assessments
  • Determinations of Eligibility for standing structures
  • National Register Nominations
  • HABS/HAER recordation
  • State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) file searches for National Register, SHPO opinion, archaeological resources, and prior survey documents
  • Rehabilitation Tax Credit Forms
  • GIS Mapping and Modeling

Our staff meets or exceeds the professional qualifications published by the Secretary of the Interior (SOI) for archaeology and architectural history and has the experience to lead our clients’ projects through the compliance process. Our team has accumulated valuable experience working with municipalities, private firms, and the telecommunications industry to complete compliance surveys for Section 106, state, and local requirements.

EBI Consulting provides in-depth evaluations of the potential impacts of proposed projects on state and federally-protected species. Our senior staff has successfully completed field studies and agency consultation for projects throughout the United States. We offer a complete range of wildlife assessment services, including:

  • Federal/State Protected Species Reviews
  • Habitat Assessments
  • Federal/State Agency Consultation
  • Species Surveys
  • Botanical Surveys
  • Avian Nest Monitoring and Species Identification

EBI Consulting offers a complete range of wetland services, which can be grouped into three major categories:

  • Wetlands Delineation and Classification
  • Wetlands Impact and Mitigation Assessment
  • Permitting Assistance

Specifically, EBI provides nationwide support to clients in the areas of preliminary wetlands determinations, soil morphological and hydrological investigations, hydric soil and hydrophytic vegetation interpretation, wetland delineation, wetland classification and mapping, photo-documentation and reporting.

EBI Consulting also offers advance support of projects, including wetland function and value assessments, impact avoidance or reduction analysis, and natural resource restoration, creation, or enhancement. As projects proceed into the implementation stages, EBI offers continued support through the preparation of permit applications and supporting documents, designing permitting strategies, alternatives analyses, and interactions with local, state, and federal regulatory officials.

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