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It is imperative that precise and accurate petrophysical data is utilized in calculating reservoir parameters. Accurate reservoir parameters aid in a better description of the reservoir, calculation of the reserves, and pursuing any reservoir simulation studies efficiently.This illustrates the importance of testing the quality of the digital data provided by service companies prior to carrying out any interpretation procedures.Most companies digitize original logs after calibrating the different curves provided for each logging run ZZ & Associates has repeatedly encountered serious scaling errors in logs, especially in older ones. Such mistakes have affected reserve calculation in some fields by a factor of more than 50%. As a result, reservoir description is affected along with any additional planning for the future.

Since most of our work involves older logs, considerable efforts are made to ensure that scales used are accurate and that curve names are correctly labeled and correspond to each run. Thorough experience in Geology and Petrophysics is required along with extensive experience in Geophysical well logging.

Once the original logs have been checked and corrected (scale & curve names), they are stored as electronic raster images.  ZZ & Associates has adopted this technology in response of deterioration of old logs, along with inefficiency of storage and accessibility.  Our high resolution scanning method allows both filtering and cleaning of logs, and features zoom facilities that provide a thorough, detailed examination of the log. The result is similar to a high resolution photocopy with the information stored in electronic form.  All header information and comments are captured in the image file as well.

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