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Abatement system selection and the final design are based on emission constituents, concentrations and airflow.  Rarely will these process conditions remain unchanged for the life of an oxidizer, possibly resulting in shutdowns, a decrease of DRE (Destruction Removal Efficiency), and increase in energy consumption.

Even when manufacturing process conditions remain consistent, various oxidizer components should be replaced, redesigned or upgraded to maintain reliability and efficiency. For example, many existing RTOs (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers) were originally designed for nominal 95% TER (Thermal Energy Recovery). Advances in the ceramic heat recovery media now allow for 97% TER. By upgrading from 95% TER to latest generation of ceramic media, operators gain 2% thermal energy which equates to a 40% reduction in natural gas consumption.

These energy saving strategies not only cut operating costs but also reduce GHG (Green House Gas) emissions. In a carbon conscious world these enhancements could provide additional savings through credits and improve a facility's image as a good enviromental steward.

We offer innovative solutions that can extend the oxidizer's life span, increase its capacity, improve the DRE and enhance reliability.

  • Ceramic Media Replacement - Improve RTO airflow and thermal efficiency by replacing plugged or worn out media
  • Hot Gas Bypass Addition - Recommended for high emission loading conditions
  • Emission Concentrator Integration - Ideal for high volume, low concentration applications
  • Waste Heat Recovery - Reduce energy demands by re-using heat from oxidizers or process equipment
  • Supplemental Fuel Injection (SFI) - Lower NOX emissions and gain better system control
  • Burner and Gas Train Upgrade - Meet regulations for low NOX
  • Controls Upgrade - Replace the PLC or entire control cabinet for enhanced reliability

The Anguil Site Services team regularly provides retrofits and upgrades on a wide variety of makes, models and configurations. On average we service oxidizers made by eighteen different manufacturers every year.

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