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EBI Consulting’s goal in completing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to help our clients understand a property's environmental risks completely and in a clear, unambiguous manner. Our approach meets ASTM guidelines and can be augmented with additional protocols to satisfy any party’s needs.

The ESA relies on four components to complete property due diligence:

Record Review
EBI Consulting obtains and reviews reasonably ascertainable records from standard sources to help identify recognized environmental conditions. EBI reviews the NPL and CERCLIS listings, the RCRA facilities list, pertinent state and local agency records, and a selected commercially available database. The historical review can include aerial photographs, city directories, fire insurance maps, and interviews with people familiar with the property and adjoining areas.

Site Reconnaissance
EBI Consulting dispatches experienced site assessment personnel to the property to visually and physically observe the site and adjoining properties. Specific attention is given to evidence of spills, existence of storage tanks, possible sources of PCBs, and indications of improper use of hazardous substances.

EBI personnel complete an in-depth interview of the key site manager and representatives from the major occupants. We also contact representatives of pertinent local agencies who may have knowledge of the site.

EBI Consulting presents findings and conclusions using clear and concise language. We work diligently to close all issues and present well-written opinions of the recognized environmental conditions at the property.

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