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In the mid 1970s, INTERA began to apply sophisticated petroleum reservoir engineering technology to the area of groundwater flow and transport. Under contract to the United States Geological Survey, we developed the first groundwater code to couple flow, energy transport, and contaminant transport in three dimensions, accounting for density and viscosity effects. In 1976, we modified this code into a radionuclide transport code, called SWIP, to support the evaluation of radioactive waste repositories.

Over the past 30 years, we have continued to build our expertise in developing and applying analytical and numerical codes for analyzing site characterization data. Examples of some of the analytical tools INTERA has developed include the fully three dimensional, variable-density, dual-porosity numeric flow, heat, and solute transport simulator called SWIFT II; and the code GRASP-INV for solving the inverse problem of groundwater flow in a probabilistic framework. We also use a variety of additional codes for data interpretation including: TOUGH2, a non-isothermal, multi-component, multi-phase fluid-flow simulator; GEOSIM, a coupled hydromechanical reservoir simulator; and PHREEQE, a chemical reactive model.

Our process & system modeling services include:

  • single- and multi-phase flow 
  • gas injection/migration 
  • rock/fluid interactions 
  • thermo-hydrologic effects 
  • deep-well waste injection/migration 
  • variable density groundwater flow

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